Dear valued customer,

Thunder Airlines is pleased to announce, beginning in May 2021, we will be offering COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing to all our customers to help reduce the spread of the virus into our serviced communities.  By offering rapid antigen testing in addition to our current screening procedures, we can now add an extra layer of safety to ensure that asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 are identified prior to boarding the aircraft.

What is a rapid antigen test?

The Abbott Panbio™ rapid antigen tests are designed to detect if someone may be infected with the COVID-19 virus. They are manufactured as a screening tool as oppose to the more accurate diagnostic Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests used by labs.

Who is eligible to be tested?

Any passenger is eligible to receive a rapid antigen test. At present Thunder Airlines does not require passengers to be tested prior to boarding. Pre-flight antigen tests will only be completed as required by local health authorities, First Nations Communities or specific charter agreements.

When and where will testing take place?

Rapid antigen POCTs will be completed by trained personnel at one of our designated testing sites located in our Thunder Bay and Timmins bases. Testing dates and times will be pre-arranged by one of our Customer Service representatives based on your specific requirements.

How is the test performed?

Testing is done using nasal swab inserted 2.5 cm into each nostril. Results are available in 15-20 minutes.

What if my test is positive?

If your rapid antigen test reveals a positive result you will be denied boarding and asked to self-isolate immediately. Your local health unit will be contacted to inform them of the results and you will be required to undergo a PCR test to confirm the diagnosis within 24 hrs.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the unpredictable nature of this pandemic, charter passengers who are denied boarding due to a positive test result are not eligible for any reimbursement of costs. Individuals traveling on a scheduled flight will be rebooked on the next available flight once the self-isolation period has ended. Thunder Airlines will make every reasonable effort to facilitate the process of obtaining a PCR test and assist passengers with finding alternative travel and hotel accommodations as needed.

For more information regarding our rapid antigen testing program please contact Thunder Airlines Customer Service at 1-800-803-9943 or email