Cost-effective cargo solutions that deliver.

Straight to the point.

It’s true. When you need to get something up north, we can take care of it. This is why Canada Post trusts us to deliver mail to the people that need them. This is why the foundational organizations of the north trust us to move their wares to and from the communities they help support.

Cost effective.

Our competitive rates and flexible fleet are the cornerstone of our airline. With low minimum fees and excellent per-pound rates, the people of the northern communities trust us to send the things that matter. If you are moving large amounts of cargo, a charter solution might save you even more.

Any shape and size.

Our varied fleet and modular aircraft configurations mean that we can ship everything from a birthday cake to large, heavy equipment. We’re also able to accommodate food and perishable items. No matter the size, no matter the weight, we get what you need where you need it. No exceptions.

Cargo Rates

All rates include HST. Also applies to Excess Baggage.


Fort Albany
Timmins (YTS) $1.70 $2.09 $2.09 $2.32 $3.67
Moosonee (YMO) $1.70 $1.13 $1.13 $1.70 $3.67
Fort Albany (YFA) $2.09 $1.13 $1.13 $1.70
Kashechewan (ZKE) $2.09 $1.13 $1.13 $1.70
Attawapiskat (YAT) $2.32 $1.70 $1.70 $1.70
Peawanuck (YPO) $3.67 $3.67


  • Charge for envelopes is $30.
  • Minimum charge for cargo is $45.
  • Dangerous Goods Paperwork and Handling $40.
  • Dangerous goods must be accompanied with DG and MSDS paperwork.
  • Listed prices are per pound.
  • All cargo rates include all taxes.
  • Each Passenger is allowed 40 pounds of Baggage per ticket, Excess Baggage Rates will be applied per pound after ticket allowance.